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Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Play Outside

Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Play Outside

We often hear kids need to spend time away from technology and more with their friends and family. However, in recent times making the kids understand is quite difficult with the latest technology.

As a parent, meeting and understanding your kids and vice versa is a tough job, and most children find it annoying if the pressure to do certain things is upon them.

Therefore, there are many confusing parents who are not sure how to get their kids outside for some family time.

Hence, by the end of this article, you will be able to make the best time with your children without forcing them. Keep reading for further information!

Why is excessive screen time not healthy for your children?

Many researchers and psychologists have proven that allowing your kids to spend their whole day using electronic devices like mobile phones, iPods, tablets, computers, and gaming can negatively impact their developing brain.

The brain is an organ that needs time to grow in terms of maturity and understanding. If your children are still young, you need to cut their digital time and let them understand the importance of social life. However, the key is not to let them feel pressured and forced about anything.

How can I get my kids outside?

Countless tips can teach you how to make your children go out and play. Meanwhile, some of the best 10 tips without having to force your children are mentioned below.

1. Practice what you preach

As an adult; you must first set an example in doing what you preach and tell your kids. This is very important since the kids always learn and develop habits from their elders, especially parents.

So, if your life surrounds technology and using the internet 24/7, it is high time to stop letting it control you. Make sure to set your hobbies and go out for gardening or a brisk walk in your backyard. This is how the kids will be able to learn and get curious about your ways.

2. Decorating your garden

A boring area, let alone your backyard is a major turn-off for kids. Hence, you have to make it attractive. You can do this by buying exciting swings that are not too big and can fit in a small space. This will give them an idea of how and what to play in your backyard on their own.

3. Pep talk is my best friend.

Sitting with your kids and talking about life and its aspects is very important and effective. Such talks open the mind of kids and allow them to reconsider their goals and everything they do in a day. Make sure to have a light-hearted and fun talk session. This will make the kids get easier and more comfortable around you.

4. Invite their friends

Kids love their friends, and they want to spend time with them whenever it is possible. Hence, the best way is to invite their best friends over and have a small party. This will help divert their minds from the internet and other life stresses.

5. Go out and have lunch/dinner.

The other effective way by the help of which you can take your kids outside is to have one meal of the day outside on weekends. Kids love and enjoy eating outside. However, do not let them make eating outside a habit.

6. Plan a picnic or trip

Nothing is better than relaxing family time away from all the chores and errands. Planning a small picnic by the lake or a farmhouse can be a good mood changer for the kids and you. To make things more interesting, keep the rule that no phones or electronic gadgets are allowed.

7. Offer emotional assistance

When children are growing up, they tend to feel enormous emotions simultaneously. This phase can be quite frustrating for them, and they might prefer spending time alone. However, as a responsible parent, you must not allow this.

You are responsible for offering them support but try not to be very clingy. Such behavior can make them feel more isolated and irritated.

8. Summer camps

Summer camps are an effective way to let your children experience the outside world independently. You can ask them to join a summer camp according to their preference instead of telling them to join the one you prefer. This will give them an upper hand and understand their responsibilities.

9. Play hide and seek

If nothing seems to work, then the only thing you can do is to hide the remote and all the electronic devices. This might seem bizarre, but it is a fun and exciting part too. Ask your children to find it, and the one who wins will be rewarded.

This will make them feel like being on a quest and prize hunt. However, if your kids do not want to play this game, then playing outdoor games with them can be a good way to take them away for some time from technology. Games like chasing the ball, tennis, cricket, or outdoor swimming race can be fun too.

10. Allow them to choose

Suppose you are a parent; that does not mean that it is only going to be you who gets to choose what to play or watch. Hence, if you want your kids to have a life outside technology, allow them to choose. Kids want to live their fantasies even for a short time.

So, whatever they suggest, go for it unless it is not healthy. This way, they can get an experience and fun-filled life or childhood days. Moreover, in this way, kids can learn how to be their caretakers since you will not stick by their side for a lifetime.

Image by Claude Mondestin from Pixabay

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