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10 Fun Things To Do With Kids Outdoors

10 Fun Things To Do With Kids Outdoors
One of the greatest things about having kids is getting a chance to be a kid again. However, in these modern times, where balancing the work-life regimen has become a strenuous task, parents cannot spend enough quality time with their kids. 

All this leads to kids being deprived of the love they need, which can affect them later. Luckily, there are some fun things that you as an adult can enjoy with your kids and strengthen your bond with them. Not only this, but these activities can also make your everyday worries fade and help you refreshen your mind.

10 things you as an adult can do with kids outdoor

Some of the enthralling and fun outdoor activities that you can do with your little ones include:

1. Water balloon baseball

Who doesn't love baseball, right? While baseball is fun, sometimes kids do not like to play it, as it may seem boring to them. However, this does not mean you can't do anything about it. You can always make it more interesting for kids by using water-filled balls instead of the traditional baseballs. 

Take a bunch of balloons, fill them with water, and put them in a basket, etc. After that, throw them at your kids and tell them to swing their bats as hard as possible. Most of the time, the balloons would pop, and all that water would just burst onto them, making them wet, making them giggle and exclaim in joy. 

You can also invite your kids' friends to make the game more interesting and fun. Not only this, but you can also tell your kids to throw the balloons at you while you swing your bat. Although water balloon baseball would make your backyard a mess, it would surely bring a smile to your kids' faces and make their day. 

Water balloon baseball is a perfect and convenient activity that is ideal for summers. Therefore, the next time your kids get a summer vacation, try this.

2. Get a bit chalky

Another great outdoor activity you can do with your kids is to grab some chalks and draw random images, write motivational quotes, or write something positive on your sidewalks or driveway. 

All this can help your kids to bring out their inner creative side and be amateur artists for a while. Make sure to use random colored chalks as they would look more visually pleasing.

You can also draw random boxes, patterns, and more and teach your kids some old-school games you used to play when you were a kid, such as avoid the shark, chalk maze, hopscotch, and more. Getting artistic would make your kids realize how much you love them. 

3. Grab their remote-control toy cars and head to a park

If your kids have got an RC car, you can take them to a park and make your kids drive it on the grassy area of the park, having some gravel, dirt, and twigs. Surely, your kids would have driven their toy cars a thousand times on smooth surfaces, such as sidewalks, living rooms, and more, but getting them to drive in off-road conditions would provide them with tactical experience and enthralling adventure.

At first, their car would roll over, but you can always teach them about how they should drive along bumps and take control. Not only would this increase your bond with your kids, but it can also build up their interest in cars, and who knows, maybe they can become a racer one day.

4. Cycling/teach them to how to cycle.

Desmond Tutu once said, "if you teach a man how to fish, he will not die of hunger. However, if you would teach a man how to cycle, he'd realize that fishing is boring." This statement might seem true to you if you know how to cycle and have cycled with your friends when you were young.

If your kids got their bicycles, you can go cycling with them and explore your neighborhood. You can also stop for an ice cream break for a wonderful cycling experience. However, if your kids don't know how to ride a bicycle, you can always teach them how you learned, which would make you go into your past and have an interesting parent-child conversation.

5. Climb a tree

Another interesting outdoor activity you can do with your kids is to go to a nature park with them and climb a tree. If your kids know how to climb a tree, that's good, and it can help you and your kids reconnect with mother nature. You can also teach your kids how to climb a tree, which can help them develop the necessary physical strength and improve their mind and body relation. 

6. Bird watching

You can also visit a zoo with your kids or a local bird-watching area to see some of the world's most gorgeous and mesmerizing birds. Bird watching provides a mesmerizing experience and increases your and your kids' knowledge about different bird species worldwide. 

7. Go camping in your backyard.

One of the most convenient yet beguiling outdoor activities you can do with your kids is backyard camping. Camping provides an immersive experience and allows you to share your stories. Make sure to take the necessary tools to make a fire and be cozy with your kids in your tent. 

8. Build your obstacle course

Who does not like fun challenges? If you want to have fun and spend quality time with your kids, you can build your obstacle course using toys and reward your kids if they can pass the course while overcoming challenges. This activity would strengthen your bond with your little ones and increase their motor skills and cognitive thinking. 

9. Hide and seek

Playing one of the popular games of the 80s and even the 90s, hide and seek, with your kids can be a great way to encourage them to be sporty and on their toes. Hide and seek would for sure make the environment more thrilling and fun. 

10. Go for a scavenger hunt.

Going to a park, your backyard, or a nature park and collecting interesting valuables, such as rocks and pebbles, can be interesting and can increase your kids' sensory skills. You can also create a list of random things you think are too common to be found in parks, etc., and hand them to your kids to see whether they can find them or not. Rewarding them if they are successful can also bring joy to their faces. 


We all have been a kid once, and if you have kids, you should be thankful as life has given you a wonderful gift. Therefore, always look out for them and try to make their day by doing fun outdoor activities.

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