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Curtis Nemechek

Taking Digital Outside

Taking Digital Outside

Technology has become a vital part of our daily lives. As a result, most of us stay glued to our smartphone screens and computers for hours. It is hard to ignore the strong presence of digital devices in our lives.

Arguably, all these things are both exciting and innovative. However, it’s not essential to keep using mobile phones to revisit social media accounts again and again throughout the day. This is when you need to stop aimlessly scrolling your social media feeds for hours. Instead, we should prefer taking digital outside and limiting our screen time.

Why is it important to take digital outside?

Do you want to know why present is the best time for a digital detox? Here are some of the most convincing reasons that you should consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

Hampered cognitive development

Brain development takes place rapidly. However, overexposure to digital gadgets can lead to slower brain development, impaired hearing, and even attention deficits. Therefore, it is important to give yourself and your kids some break from the digital world and go for outdoor activities preferably.

Opportunity to explore new things

Although the digital world seems to be explorable but not more than the physical world around you. Enjoying outdoor activities with your kids and family is a top-notch way to improve your learning abilities. You can make your family learn some of the most important skills and life lessons. Outdoor activities play a vital role in developing problem-solving skills. This can also be a great source to explore nature, learn new information, and gain a primary understanding of science.

Moreover, learning is an ongoing activity; you can learn more and better outside.

Outdoors help in physical development.

Outdoor activities are the best way to keep you and your family active. These activities can boost their fitness and physical stamina. Outdoor activities also play a vital role in strengthening bones and muscles, lowering the risk of multiple diseases, and building immunity. You will be at a lower risk of developing obesity, heart problems, and diabetes.

On the other hand, longer exposure to your screens and digital devices can cause vision impairment. At the same time, outdoor activities will improve your vision significantly.

Improved mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing improves greatly when you indulge in outdoor activities. One of the major reasons behind this is your awareness throughout your outdoor activity period, most importantly, regarding changing weather and terrain.

Outdoor activities let you explore the world around you, including hills, valleys, woods, winding paths, etc. Due to the changing nature of the outdoor, you stay relaxed, attentive, and focused. This practice benefits your mental health significantly.

Improved self-esteem and happier mood

Outdoor activities can stimulate all your senses in a way that digital activities can’t. Getting out in nature doesn’t only impact your mental health positively. It will also help you to feel better about yourself. Outdoor activities are important to improve both mental and physical health. Spending time outside in natural light will also positively impact your mood. It plays a vital role in reducing depression and stress.

So, engaging in an outdoor activity can engage and relax you while boosting your mood. You will feel happier inside.

Better your vitamin D level

Vitamin D is a popularly known sunshine vitamin. It is because our skin makes it when you are exposed to sunlight. As per research studies, Vitamin D possesses protective effects against virtually everything. It can be beneficial to protect you against problems from depression to osteoporosis, cancer to heart attacks, and stroke.

Being outdoor for about 15 to 20 minutes during warm weather multiple times per week can help you to boost your vitamin D level significantly.

Helps in acquiring social skills

When digital devices become inseparable, it becomes harder to bond with friends and family. Excessive use of digital devices can restrain social relationships.

On the other hand, spending more time on outdoor activities and playing games with your friends and family lets you interact effectively with everyone. This is a better opportunity for you to stop staying indoors, isolated, and withdrawn. Spending more time outdoors can help you get out of your shell. You’ll urge to interact with others and make new friends.

You can even improve your social and communication skills by simply talking to each other. These skills are vital for your future as well.

Positive attitude development

Anyone who indulges in outdoor activities will develop a positive attitude towards life. Outdoor activities can help in developing a happier and calmer disposition. Moreover, the outdoors is also a great source to centralize your energy more meaningfully.

On the other hand, staying inside with your digital equipment can lead you to agitation and building obsession. This problem can also lead to temper traumas over time.

So, avoid limiting your exposure extent to digital devices only. Getting outside and discovering can improve your behavior significantly. Over time, it will help you to develop a positive attitude towards life and things around you.

Tips to encourage digital-age people to love outdoors

Arguably, encouraging yourself to digital detox and love the outdoors can be difficult at times. It is mainly because we have become habitual with digital devices. However, here are some quick tips you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Growing up, you will be less likely to be curious about things. Instead, indulging in fun activities seems more tempting. So, you can plan some fun activities in your backyard to spend quality outdoor time with your family.
  • Schedule your indoor and outdoor time. Create a structure but let everyone around you make their choice within. For example, let them choose their no digital devices time allowed and suggest some alternative activities options.

Make sure to live by these rules to rake your digital-age kids and other family members out.

Final Verdict

Overall, numerous reasons limit your digital devices’ exposure and increase your outdoor activities. To get into that, you can consider the tips mentioned above. Ensure to practice these regularly to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors.
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