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Best Outdoor Kids Subscription Box For 2022

Best Outdoor Kids Subscription Box For 2022

Today families do not spend outdoor time together as they should, which is one of the biggest reasons most families lack that bonding. There could be many different reasons why people do not go out. However, one common reason most families do not have the right stuff to take along for their kids!

Every outdoor trip requires some specific things, and one way of having all the necessary things is by buying a kids subscription box.

Do you not know much about these boxes? Stick with us, and you will learn everything you need.

What is an outdoor kids subscription box?

Knowing what you may need on an outdoor adventure is not easy because there could be new challenges every minute, especially when it comes to keeping kids focused on the task at hand. At the same time, you cannot pack unnecessary stuff along you to take on the trip. Yes, this means no tablets or large play sets! 

So, companies with experienced experts design these subscription boxes that include all the necessary things you may need to keep your kids interested and excited in the outdoors. Getting one of these boxes removes the need to worry about anything else. The best part is that these outdoor kids subscription boxes include different types of outdoor adventures, so you are always prepared.

How you can buy the best outdoor kids subscription box for 2022

When you need to buy the best outdoor kids subscription box for 2022, you will come across a lot of options. Here we have divided the selection process according to the 9 most important things you need to consider. Keep track of these, and you will easily get the box best suited for your kids and family!

1. Start with studying your needs from the box.

The first thing you need to work on when selecting an outdoor kids subscription box is your set of requirements. To consider your requirements, you need to check which activities you will be involved in and what kind level of experience your kids have in the outdoors.

If your kids have become used to life inside, in front of their TV and tablet screens, consider a box like Wanlow. It includes everything from basic outdoor adventure guides to educational activities that can be done with the whole family.

2. How often are you going to use it?

The next thing to consider is your frequency of using the subscription box. It is important to consider because companies have different subscription terms and frequencies. Getting a monthly subscription will be better if you want your kids to enjoy exploring new things outdoor all the time. This is the ultimate mission for Wanlow, to give kids new and exciting reasons to spend their time outdoors every month!

3. Price can be a very important factor to consider

You need to be very careful about the pricing whenever you purchase anything, whether it be some product or service. The prices can be deal-makers and deal-breakers depending on your budget. It is important to check to see if the value of what you are receiving in your box is worth the cost.

With Wanlow, you are sure to receive more value than what you pay for. And on top of that, it provides you with the priceless memories made from spending time in nature with your kids!

4. Your outdoor location is also an important consideration

The outdoor adventure location you plan to explore says a lot about what type of activities you need to plan for your kids. Some subscription boxes have surveys, and others cover a wide variety of items to create adventure for any environment.  

Wanlow provides a variety of activities that can be done in ANY environment! From coastal shores and mountaintops to your own backyard, the items in a Wanlow box can bring adventure anywhere. 

5. Make sure that you are getting your subscription box from experts.

Today you can find out a lot of online stores and websites providing different  kids subscription boxes. Whenever you are getting one, it is essential to consider getting one from the experts. It is because experts design their subscription boxes like no others. 

Wanlow is curated by the same team of experts that brings you BattlBox, an award winning survival and outdoor subscription box. That same authentic expertise and passion is poured into each and every Wanlow box. 

6.  Always buy after checking all your options.

The last thing you need to do is buy after checking all your options. We often end up buying the very first thing we see, and it is out of excitement. However, things get pretty different when you go through all the available options. Doing so will ensure that you are never missing out on the best options, and there are also chances of saving some money when buying this way. Always make sure you are finding the right box that provides value, quality, and, overall, FUN! 


Starting an outdoor adventure with the whole family without proper preparation is never a good idea. When it comes to preparation, many people do not know what they need and where they will get it. It is why many experts and experienced people are providing subscription boxes to keep kids interested and excited about the outdoors.

So, if you also need one but are confused about which one to get, you can benefit from our guide above, which will help you select the best outdoor subscription box according to your requirements.
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