Klymit Lightweight Day Bag



A lightweight pack for the ultimate in convenience and comfort

The Day Bag is the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Compatible with the Klymit V Seat, the Day Bag features an inner back panel, allowing you to slide an inflated V Seat into the bag for added support and comfort. The Dag Bag has a large main compartment with zipper closure and a small top pocket for keys, a phone, and other small items. Featuring traditional backpack straps and a chest strap, the Day Bag easily folds up into its top pocket for compact storage. Fabric is lightweight, durable, and water resistant. *V Seat sold separately

  • Large main compartment with zipper closure for easy access storage
  • Small top pocket for keys, phone, and other small items
  • Inner back panel compatible with Klymit V Seat for added support and comfort
  • Easily folds up into top pocket for compact storage
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps and chest strap
  • Lightweight, durable, and water-resistant ripstop fabric
  • V Seat sold separately
  • Weight: 6 oz / 181 grams
  • Fabric: Polyester Ripstop
  • Dimensions: 33.5x11x14..25 / 85x26x36
  • Pack Size: 5x2 in / 13x5cm
  • Volume: 20Liters

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