Celebrate Winter Fun



This box is all about embracing the colder weather that comes with Winter and finding ways to celebrate the outdoors regardless of where you live! Inside the box, you’ll find some awesome items to prepare you for having a winter-themed picnic and much more!

Comes with:

  • 30 FT. Camp String Lights
    These fun string lights pair well with camping, telling stories by the campfire, backyard hangouts, hammock lounging, and so much more! Plug the 100 waterproof LEDs into any USB power source, battery, or adapter, and experience the freedom of the night without needing a flashlight.

  • Portable Mini Campfire
    An all-natural portable campfire that’s easy to use, scentless, and safe for making s’mores. A great way to sit back and make fireside memories with friends and family. This compact tabletop campfire is perfect for winter picnics, backyard camping, evenings on the beach, and s’mores nights!
    NOTE: This item should only be used outdoors and with parental supervision.

  • EARTHWELL Camp Cup
    The ultimate camp cup for camping, picnics, backpacking, and backyard hangouts. Extremely durable, lightweight, and BPA-free. Perfect for some morning tea or nighttime hot chocolate while sitting around the campfire.

  • Campfire Roasting Stick
    Great for outdoor adventures like hiking trips and camping. This item is a step above the traditional s’mores skewer with an extendable fork design and a serrated prong to ensure you never drop your marshmallow or hot dog in the fire!

  • Waboba 6" ReWild Football

    This small football is made from a jute plant and a rubber tree. Over time, salt water and sunshine may cause natural fading. Perfect for backyard games and hikes where the Earth is your playground! Play in sand, snow, or in grass.

    This ball is part of Waboba’s ReWild collection, which is all about “playing for a purpose” where 10% of proceeds support various initiatives dedicated to protecting and restoring the environment. The ReWild items are also made from naturally sustainable and renewable materials and use recycled packaging. 

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Why Wanlow?

Wanlow is designed as a way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learning about nature. As parents, we realize kids go outside way less these days than when we were their age and we want to change that!

The activities found in each Wanlow box not only get kids excited to get outside but also stimulate multiple senses, increase attention span, improve spacial knowledge, and reduce stress.

Kids who play outside in the fresh air and sunshine experience the natural and physiological benefits of nature which can help with overall health and development.

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