About Us

Wanlow is a monthly subscription box all about providing fun activities and resources that encourage kids to spend more time outside in nature and less time on their digital devices and in front of tv screens.

Each month’s box will come with products, activities, and a booklet with learning material and games based around a common theme like Animals, Star Gazing, Gardening, Parks, Outdoor Crafts & Games, and more!

Getting outside could be as simple as playing in the backyard, going for walks and discovering animals and plant life in the area, starting a home garden, learning basic navigation skills, and building forts.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire a love for nature and provide fun activities and resources that get kids excited to spend more time outdoors and less time with their digital devices and tv screens.

Wanlow is designed as a journey or way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learn about nature. The goal being that that they’ll be able to do more things outside on their own as they progress through the subscription and as they get older. Having your kids playing outdoors independently isn’t an immediate journey with Wanlow and
benefits most from parent guidance.

Our aim is that the journey through Wanlow should promote your children’s desire to explore and play outside more often–independent of parent encouragement.

Core Values

  • Creativity

  • Fun

  • Nature

We also recognize that kids learn in different ways so each box provides different paths to arrive at the same end goal. Part of this is acknowledging that using digital devices and technology is simply part of how kids process information and learn nowadays.

Therefore, about 80-90% of the content is offline, but we also pair some digital content (e.g. stargazing apps, kids podcasts, and additional resources for parents) that ultimately complement the products and activities included in each monthly box.

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