Coalatree Grandview Lounge Hammock



A lightweight, packable hammock that comes with everything you need to start lounging. Whether you're posting up between two trees or the fire escape of an abandoned building, the Grandview Hammock is ready to hang.

Get the outdoors! Perfect for anywhere you may venture, be it backpacking through the deep woods, a lazy afternoon at the local park, or a sunny day at the beach.

PackableContrasting stuff sack doubles as a pocket when you're lounging.
Lightweight - At just 13.4 oz, You can pack it with you anywhere you go.
Easy Hanging - Two included ropes and carabiners make it easy to secure your hammock anywhere.

This product is not a toy! Please use caution when using this hammock.

Warning! Using this product carriers and inherent risk. Always check for wear/damage/defects before every use. Use at your own risk! 

Use of this product is not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with medical issues. Use at your own risk! 

Take down this product after each use! Prolonged exposure to the elements (especially the sun, water, or wind) may damage the fabric or cause premature wear. 

Please advise weight restrictions of the hammock. Injury may occur if the weight limit is exceeded.

Material: Parachute Nylon
Size: 4.5' x 8'
Weight: 13.4 oz
Weight Capacity: Max 450 lbs

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Wanlow is designed as a way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learning about nature. As parents, we realize kids go outside way less these days than when we were their age and we want to change that!

The activities found in each Wanlow box not only get kids excited to get outside but also stimulate multiple senses, increase attention span, improve spacial knowledge, and reduce stress.

Kids who play outside in the fresh air and sunshine experience the natural and physiological benefits of nature which can help with overall health and development.

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