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For the first delivery, every child receives the Welcome Box which is packed full of everything they’ll need to kick off their outdoor fun of learning and discovery!

This first box is designed to ease your children into spending more time outdoors in an easy and relaxing way – and what’s more relaxing than hanging out in a hammock, surrounding yourself with the outdoors, and doing some fun puzzles and games!

Comes with:

  • Coalatree Grandview Lounge Hammock
    A lightweight, packable hammock that comes with everything you need to start lounging. Whether you're posting up between two trees or the fire escape of an abandoned building, the Grandview Hammock is ready to hang.

  • 1000 Hours Outside Journey Yearlong Companion Journal
    Slow down and yet gain more through nature play. Chronicle the wonders of your 1000 Hours Outside journey in your very own companion journal, which has 144 pages of weekly/daily logs, seasonal bucket lists, inspiring quotes, and tracker sheets. The adventure starts here!

  • Conservation-Themed Pen & Pencil Set
    Embrace the spirit of conservation with this beautiful wood barrel ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set, featuring poignant quotes from two of the world’s most influential environmentalists, Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall.

  • National Parks Magnetic Vinyl Postcard
    Made in the USA, our non-toxic. vinyl magnetic postcards are printed on high-quality indoor/outdoor vinyl. Each magnet includes a mailing card in a clear sleeve envelope. The sender takes out the mailing card, greets and addresses the card, and places it back in the clear envelope. A First Class stamp is placed over the UPC code and stamp position. Ready to mail.

  • Wanlow Activity Booklet
    Each Wanlow box includes a handbook to guide kids and parents through the theme of the box. This takes the form of introducing the included items, providing projects and activities to do outdoors, guided learning puzzles, games, and fun facts about the outdoors and nature!

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Why Wanlow?

Wanlow is designed as a way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learning about nature. As parents, we realize kids go outside way less these days than when we were their age and we want to change that!

The activities found in each Wanlow box not only get kids excited to get outside but also stimulate multiple senses, increase attention span, improve spacial knowledge, and reduce stress.

Kids who play outside in the fresh air and sunshine experience the natural and physiological benefits of nature which can help with overall health and development.

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