Walking, Hiking, & Bird Watching



One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time outdoors is simply walking or hiking! You miss many beautiful things when driving in a car or hanging out indoors. So the box is all about going for a walk or hike to explore your neighborhood and greenways–all while keeping an eye out for local birds in your area and doing other fun activities!

Comes with:

  • Klymit Lightweight Day Bag
    The Day Bag is the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Compatible with the Klymit V Seat, the Day Bag features an inner back panel, allowing you to slide an inflated V Seat into the bag for added support and comfort. The Dag Bag has a large main compartment with zipper closure and a small top pocket for keys, a phone, and other small items.

  • Compact Close-Focus Monocular
    The CF-618 CloseUp™ 6x18mm Compact and Lightweight Close-Focus Monoculars offer all the benefits of standard 6x power monoculars plus an extremely close focus of only 10 inches. You’ll be able to view details of faraway objects as well as the objects right in front of you. This monocular is so compact and lightweight you can take it with you anywhere.

  • Backyard Birds: 101 Flashcards for Discovering Birds Cards
    Identifying birds has never been more fun! Author and illustrator Todd Telander unlocks the mysteries found in your yard with Backyard Birds: 101 Flashcards for Discovering Birds. Featuring 101 of the most common birds of North America, each card comes complete with a detailed illustration, up-to-date species information for easy identification, and “Curiosities,” which are either interesting facts or something interactive you can try.

  • Wanlow Activity Booklet
    Each Wanlow box includes a handbook to guide kids and parents through the theme of the box. This takes the form of introducing the included items, providing projects and activities to do outdoors, guided learning puzzles, games, and fun facts about the outdoors and nature!

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Why Wanlow?

Wanlow is designed as a way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learning about nature. As parents, we realize kids go outside way less these days than when we were their age and we want to change that!

The activities found in each Wanlow box not only get kids excited to get outside but also stimulate multiple senses, increase attention span, improve spacial knowledge, and reduce stress.

Kids who play outside in the fresh air and sunshine experience the natural and physiological benefits of nature which can help with overall health and development.

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