Backyard Fort Fun



This box is all about building a fort that you can hang out in! It can be built in your backyard, the park, or in the woods during your next camping trip! We’ve included some awesome items to make fort building easier, learn some basic knots, and create secret messages with family and friends!

Comes with:

  • Stick-lets 6-Piece Hexa Fort Set
    Our 6-piece Hexa Fort Set is the perfect size to get started with exploration and fort-building. With 1 STICK-LET® you can build a tripod. Add more silicone joints to make a super sturdy tripod. Add a blanket on top and cozy up inside with your favorite book. Build playfully by creating an organic structure using your imagination and let your story-telling skills shine.

  • Campfire Stories Card Deck For Kids
    Firmly grounded in the natural world, the fun and furry prompts in Campfire Stories Deck--For Kids! spark children’s imaginations for storytelling adventures. To play, young players pick one card from each set and then use the prompts to make up a story. With this deck in hand, kids of all ages can gather around the campfire and set their outdoor imaginations on fire!

  • Paracord & Carabiner
    The 550 Paracord is a 4 mm cordage made of 100% nylon that comes in a 30ft length. Use it to secure shelter, make a clothesline, or create a survival bracelet. This heavy-duty cordage also makes a durable paracord belt or handle wrap. With its 7-strand construction, the possible uses of this paracord rope are only limited by your imagination. Available in multiple colors, the 550 Paracord offers strength, safety, and visibility when outdoors.

  • Explorer’s Flashlight
    The Coghlan's Explorer's Flashlight for kids lets your little ones take charge of the night, explore mysterious dark crannies, and learn how to send Morse code signals by light. A flash/signal button and included Morse code guide teach communication by light. It features four interchangeable colored lenses, a belt clip, and sturdy ABS plastic construction. Powered by two AA batteries (sold separately)

  • Know Your Knots Guide
    Take your knot-tying guide with you wherever you go. Practice knot tying in the outdoors without needing to worry about getting your favorite knot book wet, or how much battery life your phone has left. 16 essential climbing, sailing, and survival knot diagrams printed on a versatile and rugged bandana. Not to mention the thousands of uses for a bandana.

  • Wanlow Activity Booklet
    Each Wanlow box includes a handbook to guide kids and parents through the theme of the box. This takes the form of introducing the included items, providing projects and activities to do outdoors, guided learning puzzles, games, and fun facts about the outdoors and nature!

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Why Wanlow?

Wanlow is designed as a way to get your kids engaged with playing outdoors and learning about nature. As parents, we realize kids go outside way less these days than when we were their age and we want to change that!

The activities found in each Wanlow box not only get kids excited to get outside but also stimulate multiple senses, increase attention span, improve spacial knowledge, and reduce stress.

Kids who play outside in the fresh air and sunshine experience the natural and physiological benefits of nature which can help with overall health and development.

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