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Outdoor Activities for Kids Ages 6-11

Outdoor Activities for Kids Ages 6-11

The age 6-11 in kids is one of the most important for their physical development and mental sharpness. During these ages, kids learn a lot about social skills, bonding, self-control, etc. So, during this phase of their life, you must involve a lot of outdoor activities in their routine as this is where they will learn the most.

Outdoor activities for kids during summer

The summer season is the most fun because it brings a lot of outdoor activities for your kids. Here are some activities that will be fun and enhance their learning.

1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is one of the simplest yet most interesting outdoor activities for kids during summer. The rules are simple: a kid has to land in the correct square to gain points. However, you can make it even more interesting by changing rules like touching boundaries, changing shapes, etc.

To keep kids active, you can add time to this activity, and as they try to beat their best times, they will get a lot of physical exercise.

2. Frisbee games

If your kids have a frisbee, you can play with them in the outdoor space. If throwing and catching frisbee seems boring, you can change the game by adding a hoop and aiming through it. A great way to play frisbee is by placing some aiming objects, and one who hits the most gets the most points. Playing such games can sharpen your kid's vision and improve their reflexes.

3. Obstacle course

The obstacle course includes nothing but obstacles, and using your creativity, you can add any type of obstacle from:

  • Rods and bars
  • Ropes
  • Hoops
  • Cones, etc.

It will again be an activity where your kid needs to make the right decisions quickly and move their body accordingly. It improves their eye-to-brain coordination as well as physical movement coordination with their eyes as well. Don't forget to add obstacles that promote crawling, jumping, running, and such activities.

4. Red light-Green light

It is one of the most fun outdoor activities that will make summer-time parties more fun for the kids. There is usually a distance of 20 feet that kids have to cross without being caught moving. One player signals with red light and green light, and kids only have to move when it is a green light.

The first one to cover this distance wins. If a kid gets caught moving during a red light, they need to start over while others continue, which makes this game more competitive.

5. Swimming

It does not matter if you have a backyard pool; you can take your kids to some outdoor pool. However, it is recommended to have your backyard pool, even if it is only for kids, because of hygiene reasons. Swimming is not only fun for kids, but it is also a great exercise that involves movement from different parts of the body.

6. Roller skating

Remember that having all the protective gear is essential for roller skating or skateboarding. If you have everything you need, take your kid to a skating park, and let them show off their skating skills. It would be even more fun if you partake with them and taught them everything about roller skating. Although it is a great outdoor activity, it is not something you may do in your backyard.

Outdoor activities for kids during winter

Although you cannot do a lot of outdoor activities in the winter season, here are a few that are a must-try whenever you get a chance.

1. Snowball fight

Snowball fighting, building a snowman, making snow angels, and all these activities will be fun for your kids as long as you have snowfalls in your area. So, if it snows in your locality, let your kids enjoy the cold weather with all the snow-related activities.

2. Winter picnics

For winter picnics, you don't need to essentially go away from your house, as these will be perfectly fine in your backyard.  Deploy your camp and start a fire outdoors. You can teach your kids to make s'mores in this cozy environment at night. During winter picnics, your kids may learn about the following:

  • Starting outdoor fire
  • Creating quick snacks
  • Deploying your tents
  • Living without their gadgets for some time

Outdoor activities for kids to teach them about nature

While teaching your kids to improve their physical and mental abilities, keeping them close to nature is also essential. So, here are some activities that will help your kids grow while keeping them close to nature.

1. Gardening

Do you like gardening? Teach some of it to your kid, and the fruits, flowers, and veggies often fascinate kids. This outdoor activity includes learning about plants, fruits, veggies, their care, and maintenance.

Gardening is a great way to keep your kids closer to nature, as with their favorite fruits and veggies are grown by them, they may not think more about unhealthy junk food. However, having all the gardening tools is necessary.

2. Hiking

Another outdoor activity that you can do with your kids is hiking. Hiking will be a challenge for your kids, so make sure they are ready for this challenge. Look for kids' camping kits with everything they need, from gadgets, toys, and tools to snacks and water bottles.

You can say that your kid is ready for this challenge. If bored, your kid may ask you to leave, but you must motivate them to test their physical abilities. This way, hiking will become fun whenever they beat their best record.

3. Family bike rides

Family bike rides will also be fun if you have a park nearby that allows bicycles in it. Also, teaching your kids to ride bikes is important, and don't forget to get a helmet and the rest of the protective gear for them.

Final Words

During 6-11 years of age, kids learn a lot about themselves and absorb a lot. So, it is good to surround them with positive activities that include both brain usage, critical thinking, and usage of their physical abilities. With the activities discussed above, you can make your kids learn about many things while improving their physical characteristics.


Image by Artur Pawlak from Pixabay 

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