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Easy Plants to Teach Your Kids to Maintain a Garden

Easy Plants to Teach Your Kids to Maintain a Garden

Kids usually take an interest in activities like gardening. However, they have no idea about the delicacy of plants. When it is about gardening, you need to put in some special care, and teaching that to your kids will be more than fun. It not only improves your bonding as a parent but also improves your learning. Above all, it is fun for your kids.

Top 10 easy plants to teach your kids to maintain a garden

Here is the list of the top 10 easy plants you can teach your kids. Thus, maintaining a garden will be much easier for your kids.

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers stay on the top of the list because these are one of the best kid-friendly plants. The flowers usually attract kids, and it can be a great plant to get your kid to gardening. If the plant itself is not enough, tell them how miraculously it follows the sun, so it always faces towards the sun.

That will surely fascinate your kid, and the seeds used for planting sunflowers not only go in the soil. These seeds are also healthy and can add many characteristics to snacks.

2. Peas

Next up are peas. These are the easiest to plant for kids because peas don't take long to grow. The best part is that when these are ready, the kid can eat peas from the pods immediately. This little fact about peas can make your kid regularly partake in gardening to inspect if their plants are ready to eat.

If your kid is impatient with plants, then peas will be great to start with as these germinate just under 10 and can be ready to eat or cook within 2 months which is way shorter than many other plants.

3. Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are good for getting your kids into gardening because, unlike regular tomatoes, they are sweeter, and your kids can pick them and eat them directly. With these tomatoes being smaller, they will be easier to manage for the kids.

So, help them plant the seedlings in a sunny position and maintain moisture. Planting them outside as soon as the first flowers appear is the best, but you must be sure there are no chances of frost because that can damage the small plants.

4. Marigold

Marigolds can add vibrance to your garden, making these attractive for kids. Marigolds are ideal if you want to teach your kids gardening and start with some outdoor plants. You will need to start planting these with the seeds in pots. Once the plant starts growing, it can be shifted to the ground soil. Thus, it will bring a lot of learning experiences for the kids.

Marigolds need routine dead handling that you may not want the kid to deal with. Otherwise, everything else can be done by the kid.

5. Carrots

Carrots not only make a healthy snack for kids, but they can also be amazing for teaching gardening to young kids. These grow quickly, and in no time, your kid can see orange roots visible from under the soil. These are easy to plant, so your kids can plant them anywhere in the garden.

However, when planting carrots you need to be careful about the time they stay underground because these need to be harvested at the right time. Also, if the carrots are longer and deeper, your kid may need assistance from you.

6. Radish

Planting radishes start with preparing the soil. Teach your kid how to prepare the soil before planting the radish seeds. Like carrots, these are also easy-to-grow and fast-growing plants, so your kids won't have to wait for over a month to try them. Despite being smaller in size, radishes offer your kids a similar gardening and learning experience. Fun fact: these are easier to harvest.

7. Mint

Planting mint is easy and fun, but you must make your kid select a specific spot for planting a mint shrub. It is because the leaves are small and if not planted at the right spot, these can be easily forgotten about. Finding these small shrubs under large plants won't be fun.

Also, if you plant mint seeds, it will be hard to make them stop growing, so selecting a spot is essential. While kids cannot eat these leaves, the smell of mint can sharpen their senses and add a pleasant smell to that area.

8. Beans

Planting with seeds can be tricky, but not with beans because the seeds are larger, thus making it easier to handle and plant. Once sprouted, the plant will grow mature in a few days, and within 2 months, beans will be produced. With a minimal care routine, beans will make a good addition to your garden, especially in the kid's section.

9. Pumpkins

Growing pumpkins connects gardening and Halloween time. These take around 4 months to grow fully. So, a better idea to fascinate your kid with gardening will be buying a miniature pumpkin plant and add it to your garden.

This way, most of the waiting time will be skipped, and the immature plant won't need much care, making things better for teaching kids gardening. As the pumpkin is ready, you can harvest it, carve it, and it will be ready for your kid's Halloween.

10. Snapdragon

Snapdragons are good for kids considering these are available in a lot of colors. So, you can make your kid decide which colors they want to grow and get the desired selection of snapdragon plants. With flowers of their favorite colors, your kid will like being involved in gardening activities where you can teach them lots of things. Most importantly, their favorite plants will increase their sense of responsibility.

Final Remarks:

If you teach your kid correctly, they will learn efficiently about gardening. Remember that it is not only about gardening; this act will polish their brains and creative and problem-solving skills. The best way to do it is by choosing the right plants, as not all plants are easy, to begin with. Also, get all the necessary tools, seeds, and, most importantly, the right soil to promote healthy plant growth.


Image by Ekaterina Ershova from Pixabay 

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